Animal Snacker's Bakery 600 East Second St, Dayton, Ohio    
  • Located in the 2nd Street Market
  • Open Thursday & Friday
  • 11 am till 3 pm
  • Open Saturday 8 am till 3 pm
  • June thru December - Sundays open from 11am till 3 pm
  • See map below


  Our Bakery is a fundraiser for The Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Ohio.  
 Our volunteers make both dog & cat treats with no added sugar, salt or preservatives .  We have recently added a wide variety of new treats - some wheat free & others dehydrated veggies . 

We still offer over forty varieties of our original treats with flavors such as chicken, beef jerky, banana, liver & more for dogs and  salmon, tuna, cheese & more for cats.

Stop by our Bakery soon and take home a few of these special treats for your best friends !

   In 2017 we were able to donate
 $14, 263

to help the unwanted &/or abused animals cared for by The Humane Society of Greater Dayton
As of July 24, 2018 our donations have amounted to


NONE of this is possible without the fantastic support of our Animal Snacker's customers !

Thank You Soooooooooo Much !

Our next meeting will be
Tues Oct 9   6:30 pm at the HSGD
1661 Nicholas Rd, Dayton

Won't you join with us to help the unwanted &/or abused animals in the greater Dayton area ?  We are always in need of new volunteers to work at our Bakery in the 2nd Street Market, to pick up or take back our Pet of the Week on Sat at the Bakery,  to help man our booths at HSGD events & we are usually in need of treat bakers.  
 Please join us at our monthly meeting to say Hello, & see what we're all about.                              
 New, fresh ideas are always welcome.    
Pet Of The Week


Archibald, a lively fourteen week old gray and white tiger kitten, was our guest yesterday. He absolutely loved the cage fan and would just sit in front of it!! Archibald and all of our other feline guests are very grateful to Bob and Lisa Burke for this fan. The temperature inside the Market yesterday was in the high nineties! 
This baby is still looking for his "Forever Home"

Here are just a few other pets that have been adopted from our Animal Snacker's Bakery