April  22 Earth Day

April 23 National Lost Dog Awareness Day

April 24 World Day for Laboratory Animals

April 25  World Penguin Day

April Save the Frogs Day

And finally

April 30 is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day


Animal Snacker's Bakery 600 East Second St, Dayton, Ohio    
  • Located in the 2nd Street Market
  • From January thru November open Thursday & Friday 11am till 3pm     Saturday 8am till 3pm
  • Open Saturday 8 am till 3 pm
  • From June thru December also open Sundays from 11am till 3 pm
  • See map below


  Our Bakery is a fundraiser for The Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Ohio.  
 Our volunteers make both dog & cat treats with no added sugar, salt or preservatives .  We have recently added a wide variety of new treats - Many wheat free.

We still offer over forty varieties of our original treats with flavors such as chicken, beef jerky, banana, liver & more for dogs and  salmon, tuna, cheese & more for cats.

Stop by our Bakery soon and take home a few of these special treats for your best friends !

   In 2018 we were able to donate
 $14, 763

to help the unwanted &/or abused animals cared for by The Humane Society of Greater Dayton
As March 2019 comes to a close
we have already donated
for the care of the HSGD animals

NONE of this is possible without the fantastic support of our Animal Snacker's customers !

Thank You Soooooooooo Much !

Ahhhhhhhhh  Spring at last !
(but still a bit chilly)

Help! Help !

Please Help ! !
We are in desperate need of volunteers to donate just a few hours  each month to work at our Animal Snackers Bakery booth in the 2nd Street Market.

Won't you join with us to help the unwanted &/or abused animals in the greater Dayton area ?  We are always in need of new volunteers to work at our Bakery located in the 2nd Street Market &/or to pick up &/or to return our Pet of the Week on Sat  to the HSGD.
  If you think your might be interested in helping the animals by volunteering with us, call   Wendy at 937-776-0948 or drop her an email at Wsjbwendy@gmail.com
Please join us at our monthly meeting to say Hello, & see what we're all about. New ideas are always welcome.

We meet the second Tues of each month
at 6:30pm in the HSGD facility located at    1661 Nicholas Rd in Dayton.
Our next meeting will be on May 14

We have always been a small, hard working group of volunteers since our conception way back in 1995.  During that time with the help of our volunteers & our customers, we have been able to donate over

$318,800.00 back to the HGD  ! ! !

Many thanks to ALL of our volunteers both present & past & you know all the animals have been so very grateful for your help !
Pet Of The Week
Jack - O

This beautiful kitten was adopted from our Animal Snackers Bakery back in Nov of 2018.
Check with our FaceBook site to see if there might be other kitty's adopted since that time.

Here are just a few other pets that have been adopted from our Animal Snacker's Bakery