Animal Snacker's Bakery 600 East Second St, Dayton, Ohio    
  • Located in the 2nd Street Market
  • Open Thursday & Friday
  • 11 am till 3 pm
  • Open Saturday 8 am till 3 pm
  • June thru December - Sundays open from 11am till 3 pm
  • See map below


Our next meeting will be Tues May 8
 6:30pm at the HSGD, 1661 Nicholas Rd, Dayton

  Our Bakery is a fundraiser for The Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Ohio.  
 Our volunteers make both dog & cat treats with no added sugar, salt or preservatives .  We have recently added a wide variety of new treats - some wheat free
and others dehydrated veggies .   We still offer over forty varieties of our original treats with flavors such as chicken, beef jerky, banana, liver & more for dogs and  salmon, tuna, cheese & more for cats.

Stop by our Bakery soon and take home a few of these special treats for your best friends !