Animal Snacker's Bakery 600 East Second St, Dayton, Ohio    
  • Located in the 2nd Street Market
  • Open Thursday & Friday
  • 11 am till 3 pm
  • Open Saturday 8 am till 3 pm
  • See map below


We offer quite a few hard rubber & tough rope toys for those dogs that are rough on their toys.

These softies are great for those dogs who take it a little easier on their toys.  99% of our soft toys have squeakers - some have 3 or4. The lower shelf shows a few soft toys for the larger dogs.  There are a couple of these that not only squeak but crackle too!
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 Our volunteer bakers make a wonderful variety of what, in our opinion, are the world's tastiest dog & cat treats.  We add no preservatives, sugar or salt.  Our treats meet the requirements set by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

We usually offer at least 40 varieties of dog treats each week with a wide choice of flavors, including cheese, chicken, peanut butter, herb, beef & more.  We also make several corn &/or wheat free varieties.

Most of these savory dog treats are priced 3/$1 but we also have some extra large or extra fancy treats, selling from 50c  each to about $2.

Since cats are much harder to please than dogs, we don't have a large variety but those we offer have super flavor - chicken, cheese, tuna & sardine.  These yummies retail for $1 per bag.  We also offer Cat Grass priced  $2 to $6 grown fresh every week.  For more info on each treat, click over to our Treat Page.

We also offer a nice selection of both Dog & Cat toys priced from 49c to about $35.

 Pet of the Week

Every Saturday we bring a pet that is up for adoption from the HSGD.  These pets are always up to date on their shots, have been spayed or neutered, are micro chipped & have been checked & treated for any medical problems.



More Great News
Matcha our pet on Nov 18
was adopted ! ! !

Our best wishes go with Matcha & her new family for a long & happy life together

would you like to see what other pets are looking for their "Forever Home"? We have many more at the HSGD.  Check out the adoption page.

Our Cat Grass is from oat seeds & grown by our volunteers.  We normally offer containers priced from
$2 - $6

Best Friends

Would You Like To Volunteer With The FOHS?
Now Would Be A Good Time To Start !
We Could Use Your Help


You can either contact us directly at the 2nd Street Market or go through the Community Outreach Manager at the HSGD, for orientation.  The latter is actually preferred since that orientation will cover policies, procedures & an over view of the HSGD.

Attention !

Do you enjoy meeting people? Do you enjoy talking about your pets and talking with other people about theirs? If the answer is yes, working in our Animal Snackers Bakery sounds like an experience for you! Selling our homemade treats for dogs and cats at our Second Street Market bakery is easy and enjoyable. Each work shift is approximately four hours. We are open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If you would like more information, please contact Wendy Beck at

           or maybe you could help the homeless animals this way

Do you love cats and kittens? Do you want to help ours find forever homes? Three Saturdays each month, we have a feline guest at our Animal Snackers Bakery. We are looking for Cat Cab chauffeurs to transport our guests to and from the Humane Society. We have morning and afternoon times available. We pick up our guest around 8:00am and return him/her at 3:00. The trip takes about twenty minutes. This is a quick and easy task that would be a great help to us.

If you would like more information, please contact Wendy Beck at

Our next meeting will be Tues Dec 12, at 6:30pm in the HSGD facility,1661 Nicholas Rd, Dayton