Animal Snacker's Bakery

Dog & Cat Toys


Time out for a short nap !

 Our dog toys are selected to provide great fun, exercise & lots of good chewing or just cuddling !  

Tough Rope Bones
are made of sturdy rope. Dogs will go crazy tugging on these colorful rope chew toys.
  This is a really tough chew for dogs !
from  $1.99 up

Our Pet Bandanas come in sizes from very small to very large.  We offer them in both everyday (as shown above) & Holiday prints.  All made by our volunteers.
All sizes


Not the real thing but still great fun !

 Our Cat toys have been selected to provide both exercise  & entertainment for any feline you might know !


Colorful Plastic Springs really amuse cats !    They spring into action with these delights !  They contain no dangerous wires.
An Ethical Pet toy----------------- 40c ea.

These great Catnip Socks are one of our best sellers !They are made by one of our volunteers -  contain lots of fresh catnip & will make a crunchy sound when pounced upon !


Hypno Mice

Any cat will love pouncing on and chasing these irresistible toys

79 c


Take a short trip to our Animal Snacker's Bakery in the 2nd Street Market to see our complete selection of Great Toys!

Our next meeting will be Tues Dec 12 at 6:30pm in the HSGD facility,
at 1661 Nicholas Rd Dayton