Dog & Cat Treats
Available at our Animal Snacker's Bakery

 We have catchy names for all of our treats to honor almost every breed of dog, offering about 40 varieties at all times. Since cats are so darn picky, we have only come up with 5 different flavors for them & they seem to love them all !  These treats are all homemade by our FOHS volunteers with no salt, sugar or preservatives added.  Just click on the thumbnails in the photo gallery below to find the details on each treat.

Not recommended for puppies or kittens
These treats  are for adult dogs & cats

If these don't sound super yummy, we don't know what does !
Since no preservatives are added to our treats, we highly recommend  storing them in your freezer

Now check out a few of the Toys available at our Animal Snacker's Bakery

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